NOTICE - Jo has now started to announce some solo shows for later in 2021.. bare in mind that this could still change in terms of how things will be later in the year with COVID-19. Jo has confirmed that she will be doing a solo Tour sometime this year. We will post the dates as soon as they are available
11th September - Milton Keynes Pride Festival
18th September - Irlam Live, Manchester
Date ? Tour Dates are coming soon
Date ? Tour Dates are coming soon
Date ? Tour Dates are coming soon

Instagram Live's every Saturday 7pm
* Jo is currently taking a break from the weekly instagram lives. We will update when she starts doing them again soon *

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New Album : With Love
Release Date : 27th August 2021
Info : Jo is back with her second solo album, "With Love" - 16 years after the release of her first album "Relentless"

New Single : On The Surface
Release Date : 25th June 2021
Info : Jo has released the first single taken from her brand new album "With Love"

New Single : Relentless (unplugged)
Release Date : 26th May 2021
Info : Jo has released a special newly recorded, unplugged version of her song "Relentless" - a song that featured on her debut solo album of the same title back in 2005

New Single : Don't Stop Movin' (unplugged)
Release Date : 23rd April 2021
Info : Jo has released a special unplugged version of the S Club 7 hit Don't Stop Movin' in honour of the songs 20th anniversary

Project : YouTube Channel
Status : Online Now
Info : In early 2020, Jo started her own YouTube channel. She has been posting videos of some live performances of some of her songs, and covers live from the studio or from her living room at home during the recent lockdown. She has also been posting some fun things like fan Q&A's and Vlogs.

Project : Live Tour
Tour Dates: To be announced
Info : Jo has confirmed that she will be doing a solo Tour around the UK in 2021, following the release of her brand new album

Project : Acting
Info : Jo will be making a return to acting. No word yet on what acting projects she has planned but this will be the first time Jo has acted since the release of the S Club movie Seeing Double back in 2003

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To celebrate the launch of our new design, we have a very lovely surprise to share. Jo has very kindly recorded this special video for us, welcoming you all to Jo O’Meara Source. You can check out the video below.. thank you Jo


Jo has announced today that she is now on Facebook, you can check out her brand new page by clicking here – and remember to give the page a “like” so that you can keep up to date.

Jo’s new Facebook page also features a brand new, stunning Photoshoot which was recently shot by Jo’s friend, Carly Brown

You can check out the beautiful new images over in our gallery by clicking here.

Image credit source : Carly Brown Photography


Photoshoots – 2020 – 001.
Photoshoots – 2020 – 002.


Jo is featured in a new Podcast with Danyl Johnson called “Best Thing with Danyl Johnson : Episode #8 Jo O’Meara” which has been uploaded to Apple Music where she discusses a lot of various different topics such as her favourite food, who she has seen in concert, her favourite music and why music means so much to her.  Click here to Listen Now


Podcast Description : Her voice is the stuff of legends and memories – former S Club 7 member Jo O’Meara has a new label and is busy recording her upcoming solo album. In this episode she talks about what’s to come in her music career, as well as shedding light on her best things in life – from her rescue cat, the music that inspires her and a love for eating food. Adam Harris brings another ‘Fat Chicken’ so look out for that! And stay to the end for ‘Bethia’s Beats’ to hear the talented Bethany Davey and her latest single ‘Falling Down’.

If you want to follow anyone featured in today’s episode, follow the links below:

Jo is @joomeara on Twitter and jo_omeara on IG.

Bethany Davey is @bethanyedavey on Twitter and Instagram.

Bethia is @Bethiamusic on Twitter and IG, and Officialbethia on Facebook.

Send your facts to @Hellofatchicken on Twitter and IG.


Earlier this morning, Jo took to her social media accounts to make the announcement that she is no longer part of S Club 3 (SC3 / S Club Party), and wishes to focus on her solo career for now

Jo has been part of S Club 3 since 2008, back when she was joined by the original line up with her S Club 7 band members, Bradley Mcintosh and Paul Cattermole. Tina Barrett later joined the line up in 2015, following S Club 7’s successful reunion tour, shortly before Paul announced he was moving on from S Club 3 to pursue acting.

Jo, Bradley and Tina have been performing as S Club 3 under this line up for the past 5 years, and as of today – the band will continue with just Bradley and Tina. As of now, we don’t know if Jo will ever return to the band someday, but for now she has decided to move on, and focus on her upcoming solo album and tour.

Jo’s Statement 

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to say to all my fans a massive thank you for the love and support you have given me through all these years in S Club 7 and then SC3! As you know by now i have a new album coming out and i am excited to start a new and exciting chapter in my life! I wanted to be the first to tell you that i will no longer be a part of SC3 as i want to fully focus on my solo career and making new music ! There is lots of exciting time’s ahead and i hope to see you all with me on my journey !! I love you all very much ! And i will see you all very soon

Love always


  • Taken from Jo’s Instagram @jo_omeara 



Jo is now officially back in the studio with Metrophonic, and has started recording her second solo album. They mentioned on social media that they have recorded 3 songs so far

The new album was originally due for release later this summer, but due to COVID-19 and lockdown pushing things back, the album is now expected around September

Click on the image below, to head to our gallery to view some photos of Jo in the studio, which Jo shared on her social media this week





Jo has recorded a special collaboration with Simon Ellis, performing S Club 7’s Two in a Million  – which they have dedicated to all of our hard working NHS staff and key workers.

Simon Ellis, has previously worked with S Club 7 many times over the years, including writing some of their biggest hits, including Never had a Dream come true, Don’t Stop Movin‘,  Love aint gonna wait for you and of course, Two in a Million.. to name a few. Simon and his wife also wrote S Club 3’s 2017 single, Family (this song was originally written for S Club 7 during their 2015 reunion, but was never released.. S Club 3 eventually released the song)  – Simon was also musical director on all 4 of S Club 7’s arena Tours ( S Club Party Live 2001, S Club Carnival 2002, S Club United 2003 and Bring it all Back 2015 )

You can watch their performance below


Jo stayed up late last night into the early hours of her Birthday, to take part in an interview which was done via skype, for The Today Show over in Australia. She talked about what she has been doing do help the NHS and key workers during the covid-19 pandemic as well as discussing her upcoming solo album, and S Club 7

Watch the full interview below


We wanted to take a moment to wish Jo, a very Happy Birthday as she turns 41 today.

Thank you for being our inspiration, idol and friend – we love you dearly. Have a wonderful day

Lots of love, the Team here at Jo Source x


Yesterday, Jo done an interview with a couple of fans in Los Angeles via video chat, for their podcast “Back to the Best” where she discussed her upcoming second solo album, S Club 7 and her time in America. You can listen to the full interview below

Source : @david_hopping on Instagram


Jo has created a special thank you tribute video to the NHS and Keyworkers which included some special images from some NHS workers, as well as children of some of Jo’s family, friends and fans who drew some photos for the NHS to be included in the video

The audio in the video, features Jo’s cover of “Somewhere over the Rainbow” – check it out below